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  • 3 sessions per week at a private performance centre in Manchester

  • Training plan tailored to your goals, experience and ability

  • Custom nutritional guidance to suit your needs

  • Access to my fitness app

  • Detailed initial assessment to get you set up

  • Daily check-in to track progress and keep you on target 

  • Bio-feedback and exercise mechanics

What do I get?


  • 2 sessions per week at a private performance centre in Manchester

  • Workouts to follow outside of your sessions goals

  • Custom nutritional guidance to suit your 

  • Access to my fitness app

  • Building healthy habits and educational building blocks 

  • Regular check-in to track progress and keep you on target 

  • Ideal and affordable introduction to quality personal training

What do I get?

foundation model

Small Group
  • 1 coaching session a month at a private performance centre in Manchester

  • Personable online training 

  • Affordable premium coaching 

  • Custom training and nutritional plan 

  • Access to my fitness app

  • Take your training to the next level

  • Educate yourself along the way 

  • Weekly check-ins to hold you accountable 

What do I get?

hybrid model

Asset 5.png

Personal training faqs

who is this for?

This service is for men and women who want to get into the best shape they have ever seen. It's most suited to individuals with 1 yr training experience, however this is not mandatory. Anything is possible if you’re willing to learn and commit to the process.

How long will it take? 

This package will yield the fastest results however, there is no set time on how long your transformation will take. This will depend on your starting point and your goal. 

Do I have to follow a strict plan?

Hard work and some sacrifice is required, but the plan is designed to eventually create autonomy. The goal is to fit this plan into your lifestyle seamlessly, so that you can maintain the result of your hard work.

are you ready?


private studio @trainurbannQ
In the heart of the Northern Quarter, Manchester. 

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